"We turn waste into something great"

Northern Sands and Waste Management recognises that in order to look to the future, we need to look at what we are doing today. Waste management is no longer about simply burying to make it go away. As resources become scarcer we all need to look at alternatives to traditional products .We also need to contribute to ensuring a healthy planet for future generations to enjoy.

We are very excited to now be part of a greener future with our Shark Tana Shredder possessor. This versatile machine can shred a number of waste stream materials and in most instances, makes them into products that can be reused. This fact contributes significantly to many tonnes of material not becoming land fill.

Tyres, Mattresses, Pallets, Green Waste , Construction Timber and vegetation can all be shredded. Timber, pallets and green waste are three of the most valuable materials the shredder transforms from waste to useable products.

Northern Sands & Waste Management manufactures processed products that North Queensland can use. Also, as part of our commitment to a more sustainable future our Concrete Crushing plant breaks down existing waste concrete into value added -products that can be re-used as aggregates in drainage and construction material.

The Shredder and supporting excavator are both mobile pieces of plant and can be deployed to your site for large contract jobs.


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